For longer distances, or goods that are not time sensitive, the Economy Service may be more suitable. You can make significant savings on delivery costs by allowing your goods to be collected and delivered with other items on a similar route. 

Terms & Conditions Of The
Economy Service


Provided By Spire Transport (the courier).

Upon payment of deposit you (the customer) consent to the following terms and conditions of service:

The courier will undertake to deliver goods of the approximate size and weight booked by you the customer. If the item is larger or heavier than specified the courier reserves the right to charge a supplemental fee or cancel this contract without penalty.

Please be aware that this is not a same-day delivery service and that scheduling your consignment to be carried with other goods on a similar route may result in your delivery being delayed. Unless specified at time of quotation, the courier will be contracted to provide services between 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. The parties at both the collection and delivery point will be contacted in advance to arrange a suitable time for the courier to call. If the sender of the goods or the intended recipient of the goods is out when the courier arrives the courier will undertake fair and reasonable measures to complete the collection / delivery.

If the delivery of goods is not possible or refused the customer will remain liable for the full delivery charge and associated expenses. Should goods not be accepted at the delivery address the courier will transport the goods to the couriers storage location. A minimum storage charge of 12 per 24 hours will be charged and might be higher for larger lots or multiple items. The goods can be collected from the storage location at an agreed time or the courier will re-attempt delivery or return the goods to the collection point after advance payment. Should the applicable fees not be settled within 30 days of the failed delivery then the courier reserves the right to sell or dispose of the goods and pursue any debts outstanding. 

Ebay Specifics 

The courier is contracted to transport goods only. Unless specified at the time of providing a quotation, it is the responsibility of the customer and any third party to load goods onto the vehicle and to unload the vehicle at delivery point. Assistance will generally be given at the couriers discretion after carrying out a health and safety risk assessment. 

The courier is not responsible for the condition, size, colour, functionality, price, completion, ebay sellers description or any other aspect unrelated to the transportation of the goods contracted by the customer. It is not the couriers duty to inspect the condition of the goods or assess the accuracy of the sellers description. 

Please bear in mind that digital images can be misleading and one persons perception of good condition may not match that of another. The courier cannot be held responsible for any perceived minor or cosmetic damage to goods, particularly if the goods are secondhand or shipped unpackaged. 

Sellers and buyers of furniture and large items are advised to check size and access routes prior to collection and delivery. Should it be not possible to remove goods from the collection point the customer will be liable for 70% of the delivery fee. The full delivery fee will be due once the courier reaches the delivery point. The courier is unable to assist with the dismantlement or reassembly of items as this should be taken care of by the customer or third party.

You may not send - Medical remains, Drugs, Animals, Guns and Ammunition, Corrosive items, Radioactive materials, Toxic and infectious substances, Flammable items, Gases and explosives.

The courier shall not be liable in respect of any consignment delivered to the delivery address or other address specified by the addressee, where any person misrepresents his authority to receive a Consignment on the addressee's or customer's behalf, or where the courier is delivering it in accordance with instructions from, or purporting to be from the addressee.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure the accuracy of collection and delivery addresses. Should it be not possible to carry goods into the delivery point the courier reserve the right to leave the goods with the appropriate persons outside the delivery address and require payment of the delivery fee in full. 

The courier will not be held responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information which may delay or prevent the courier from completing the contract. In this case the customer  will remain liable for the full delivery charge and all costs incurred in returning the goods to the collection point.

The courier will only accept liability for damage to goods occurring whilst in transportation. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that goods are correctly protected or packed. The packaging must also be sufficient to protect the products weight. Any claim for damages resulting from goods that have not been packaged to an adequate standard will be declined. The courier cannot accept any liability for damage to unwrapped / packaged secondhand goods.

In the rare event of damage all packaging must be kept for inspection by the courier. The item must be available for inspection in the condition that it was delivered, at the address it was delivered to. If the item is moved / repaired or if the packaging is not kept any claim will be voided. Photographs of the packaging and item must be supplied to start a claim.

Claims must be made within 7 days of receiving the item. If the item is worth over 100 we must be informed within 3 days. Failure to contact us within these timescales will make your claim void.

Liability is limited to the cost of sending the item only and to the insured value if a claim is raised. Motorcycles are insured to a maximum of 3,600. The courier will not be liable for any further claim for any loss of profit, administrative inconvenience, disappointment, or indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of any problem in relation to the service you ordered.

The courier cannot insure for damage in transit to any glass items or electrical items, including computer screens, laptops or TVs (including LCD and Plasma).

All loss or damage claims will be paid out on the net price of the goods (i.e. the cost paid for them less VAT and profit margin).

It may be necessary for a claim agent to be sent out to inspect the damaged parcel; this will be arranged at your convenience.

The person placing the order is responsible for the information entered. We will not be held responsible for incorrect information that is entered and any delay this may cause. In this case no refund will be given.

Loss or damage under the following conditions will not be covered:

Consequences of war
Acts of God
Insufficient packaging / Incorrect labeling
Prohibited contents

We have described above what you should expect from us when we supply the service. The descriptions above are the only promises we make about the service.

We hereby exclude and disclaim all other terms and conditions that would otherwise be implied by operation of applicable law including without limitation terms concerning satisfactory quality, merchantability and fitness for purposes.

Our liability arising from or otherwise related to the service (whether arising as a result of breach of contract or tort of statutory duty or any other legal or equitable basis) shall be limited to the fee that you pay for the service.

These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer which remains unaffected.

These terms and conditions and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us.