Standard Service Frequently Asked Questions
1). How soon will my item be collected and delivered ?
The standard collection and delivery service usually occurs on the same day within 7 days from booking. Exactly when depends on our availability combined with the availability of the persons at the collection and delivery points. If collection and delivery dates are flexible within office hours, the job is more likely to be completed faster, but we aim to keep nobody waiting more than 7 days from booking. If this service is required on the weekend or evenings we need to be informed at the time of quotation request so that we can quote a fixed price accordingly.

2.) The goods need to be collected straight away but I am prepared to wait for my delivery, should I book the stardand 7 day service or the 28 day economy service ?
It may still be possible to book the economy service, but please contact us first to see if we have any work scheduled in the collection area, we just need the postcode and if possible an idea of the availability at the collection point.

3.) Can I track the progress of my delivery online ?
We will provide regular updates by email, however, for a small fee non account holders users of the economy service can track their delivery online (your browser will need to be Java enabled). Online tracking is free to account holders.

4.) How do I know my goods will be safe?
The standard service is generally a same day service. If your goods need to be stored, they will be kept secure in our storage facility, protective covers will be used as appropriate to ensure they come to no harm.

5.) Are my goods insured?
Yes most goods are insured by us when we pick them up. There are a few exceptions such as Jewellery, Electrical Items and Glass, if in doubt please ask before booking. Insured goods are covered for 100% of the purchase price upto 1600 (to clarify, this means that if your bargain sofa worth 2000 was won on ebay for 500 the maximum claim you could make would be 500). The maximum value of any one claim is limited to 1600, if the value of your goods is greater than this please notify us when making the booking and we may be able to make further arrangements.

6.) Does my item need to be wrapped ?
Wrapping or packing your goods is solely at your discretion. In general your goods do not need to be wrapped or packaged. We look after your goods just the same as you would, the driver will use protective blankets and padding to protect your goods from damage whilst in transit or storage.

7.) What if the driver comes to collect or deliver when nobody is home ?
This is unlikely to happen as all collections and deliveries are made to appointment within a 1 hour time slot. The driver will have a contact number to phone ahead if there are any unexpected delays. If there is no reply at the door we will phone just in case the doorbell wasn't heard.

8.) How much notice is provided prior to the collection and delivery dates ?
Generally we will give one or two days notice prior to a collection or delivery. However in this business things can move fast. In addition to the economy and standard service we also provide a sameday service for many commercial companies. We will never turn up on somebody’s doorstep unexpectedly.

9.) How can I pay for a courier if I don't have an account?
We accept cash or cheque at the collection or delivery point. If paying by cheque the cheque holder must be present with proof of I.D. and a valid cheque guarantee card.

.) Access to the collection / delivery point is difficult, will you still be able to accept the booking ?
If there are any access restrictions, as far as possible, we ask you to make us aware before of the situation prior to booking. Problems such as Stairs and Parking can generally be overcome, but we need to be aware of such things to enable us to factor in extra time into the schedule. Please note: we operate a one man delivery service, therefore our driver will require suitable assistance to carry large or heavy items.  

.) What is your telephone number?
Even though we do have a telephone number in the first instance we prefer people to contact us by email at This ensures that for future reference we have a record of our communication and a written quotation helps avoid any misunderstanding. We are a small business with just three drivers and we do not employ a full time receptionist. This means that telephone calls may be answered whilst out driving, which can be a hazardous distraction and it is not possible to give callers our full attention. However, a contact number will be provided whenever we make an appointment to collect or deliver goods.  

12.) What is the difference between the Standard Service and the Economy Service?
The Standard Service is a dedicated collection and delivery service where the driver will give your goods priority to make sure they are collected and delivered as soon as possible, this is usually carried out on the same day, and completed within 7 days from booking. The Economy Service is slower because we schedule your goods to be carried with other items on a similar route, this can take upto 28 days to complete.

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